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Overview of the Dream Group

For a brief welcome to the DReam group see TheRopes.

Email lists and Dreamers Groups

You probably want to sign up to the following email lists:

You should also sign up to the "dreamers" unix group and AFS group which allows you to use the shared NFS and AFS filespace. The shared filespace holds useful things like our shared bibtex file (PapersDotBib) which it would be great if you added your paper bibtex entries to.

To join "dreamers", fill out a [ DICE support form] asking to be added to the AFS and unix groups both called "dreamers".

Dream talk and Lunch

Most thursdays at 14:00 there is a DreamTalks, this is usually an informal chat about research ideas in progress. Before the talk, we usually go for a nice lunch at 12:30, meeting at the bottom of the stairs in the Forum.

Our Webserver and Project WebPages

We have our own webserver (, also called where we hold webpages for projects, please add a page for your project. Instructions for writing and editing dream webpages are at WritingDreamWebpages.

Computing Server

We have two computing servers, the old one methven, is a 32bit machine; and a new 64 bit machine called broom. They are both DICE machines and you can ssh to them and run processor intensive jobs there. If you do this, please nice your process, so that the machine is still responsive for other users. You can do this by typing nice YOUR_PROGRAM_NAME.

We have a shared online database of Links: email lists, conference deadlines, and relevant journals. Please help keep this upto date.

Informal Notes

We have a series of informal technical notes called Blue Book Notes, often people write one before a dream talk. We also have a series of notes from travels, called Trip reports. When we fund someone to go on a trip, then a trip report, or dream talk, is expected which describes the interesting gossip that you cannot get from reading the proceedings.

Getting more involved

We are happy to have more people helping with managing the shared webspace and filespaces. We have regular WebTaskForce and ImplementationTaskForce meetings. Contact Alan Smaill to be involved in these. If you have anything else you think should be added to this document - please add it! This is a wiki, you can sign up (HowToSignUpAndLogin) to get edit-access as well as access to dreamers restricted areas.

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