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People in the MRG

Research Staff at Edinburgh

David Aspinall
Alan Bundy
Jacques Fleuriot
Gudmund Grov (RA)
Markus Guhe (RA)
Paul Jackson
Roy McCasland (RA)
Fiona McNeill (RA)
Alison Pease (RA)
Randy Pollack (RA)
Alan Smaill
Petros Papapanagiotou (RA)
Yuhui Lin (RA)
Daniel Raggi (RA)

Postgraduate Students at Edinburgh

Andriana Gkaniatsou
Kobby K. Amoako Nuamah
Yaqing Jiang
Francisco Jose Quesada Real
Xue Li
Juan Casanova

Research Staff Elsewhere

Andrew Ireland (Heriot-Watt)
Lilia Georgieva (Heriot-Watt)
Louise Dennis (RA) (Liverpool)
Jeremy Gow (Goldsmiths)
Simon Colton (Goldsmiths)
Alison Pease (RA) (Goldsmiths)
Joseph Corneli (RA) (Goldsmiths)
Michael Cook (RA) (Goldsmiths)
Maria Teresa Llano (RA) (Goldsmiths)

Postgraduate Students Elsewhere

Robert J Homewood (Goldsmiths)
Christian Guckelsberger (Goldsmithss)
Sokol Murturi (Goldsmithss)
Andrew Martin (Goldsmithss)


J Strother Moore
Grant Passmore

Friends of the MRG  (a list of collaborators, past members, visitors etc.)

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