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Latex Rippling Resources

The following latex files simply writing papers that involve rippling annotations.

The Files

There are three files which provide these tools. You can download a gzipped tar file here, or download them individually below.


There is documentation in the dream.sty file. Briefly, you can use the rippling annotations by using the dream package with one of the following latex commands:


This will use coloured and filled annotations.

\usepackage[BoxAndHoleAnnotations]{dream} This is for black and white printing, wave fronts are boxes and wave holes are underlined.

In your latex document, you can then use the following:

\wf{..} plain wave front (no direction)
\wfout{..} outward wave front
\wfin{..} inward wave front
\wh{..} wave-hole
\sink{..} sink

All of the above have an optional first argument to select a colour for the annotation other than the default. This option silently fails if the option ColouredAnnotations is not made. For example:


will give a yellow wave-front.

The following are for fragments:

\wfl{..} left part of wave-front
\wfm{..} middle part of wave-front
\wfr{..} right part of wave-front

Similarly, there are \wfoutl{..} commands etc.

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