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Recent graph-based formalisms of quantum computation provide an abstract and symbolic way to represent and simulate computations. However, manual manipulation of such graphs is slow and error prone. This project employs a formalism, based on compact closed categories, that supports mechanised reasoning about such graphs. This gives a compositional account of graph rewriting that preserves the underlying categorical semantics.

Using this representation, we are developing a generic system with a fixed logical kernel that supports reasoning about models of compact closed category. A salient feature of the system is that it provides a formal and declarative account of derived results that can include ellipses-style notation. The main application is to develop a graph-based language for reasoning about quantum computation: Quantomatic.

The Quantomatic homepage has moved to the Quantomatic Google site; you can find the latest information on how to download and install the system, as well as a more recent list of papers there.

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