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The Integration and Interaction of Multiple Mathematical Reasoning Processes


EPSRC Platform Grant EP/E005713/1 (RA0084)
Duration: 1 April 2007 - 31 March 2011

RA: Lucas Dixon
Grant Holders: David Aspinall, Alan Bundy, Simon Colton (Imperial), Louise Dennis (Liverpool), Jacques Fleuriot, Lilia Georgieva (Heriot Watt), Andrew Ireland (Heriot Watt), Paul Jackson, Alan Smaill, Graham Steel

Abstract from the original proposal:

The proposed platform grant will be used to provide essential infrastructure and exploratory activities that will support a portfolio of projects within the overall aims described below. The research aims of the Mathematical Reasoning Group are the automation of mathematical reasoning processes, including their analysis, development and interaction. These processes will include: concept formation; theory building; conjecture making; proof and counterexample finding the learning of new proof methods and critics; and the refinement, revision and maintenance of conjectures, representations and theories. A major focus will continue to be on mechanisms for guiding proof search, especially the further development of proof planning, and it will include both forma and'informal' reasoning, for instance, diagrammatic reasoning, schematic proof and the use of analogy, abstraction, reflection and symmetry. We expect to find applications of this work in formal methods of system design, commonsense reasoning, the computer-based teaching of mathematics and the provision of computational aids for mathematicians. Our work is a unique blend of the techniques of artificial intelligence and theoretical computer science.

This is a continuation of our previous platform grant (EP/E005713/1).

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The platform grant has supported our participation in the organisation of the following national and international academic meetings:


Our group continues to attract a wide range and healthy number of visiting researchers, both short and long term. They report finding the environment of our group highly conducive to their research; they have access to a wide range of high-quality expertise and productive interaction in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. They also provide a dissemination route for our own research and tools.
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