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Hierarchical Proofs and Graphs (HiProofs and HiGraphs)


The project concerns the development of a system for presenting and manipulating hierarchical proofs and graphs as generated by proof planning in IsaPlanner.

Grant Information

This is funded by "The Integration and Interaction of Multiple Mathematical Reasoning Processes" EPSRC Platform Grant GR/S01771/01.


From subversion with the command:

svn co HiGraph

This is a Java1.5 program. The project includes eclipse project configuration, so the easiest way to run it is to use eclipse to build it, and run it as a java application with there.


Lucas Dixon, Alex Redstone and Graham Dutton.

Relevant Research Papers and Talks


A brief introduction to the HiProof interface is available here.

Bugfixes and improvements needed:

Forthcoming features:

Current Features

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