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University of Edinburgh

Current grants:

  1. The Integration and Interaction of Multiple Mathematical Reasoning Processes
    EPSRC Platform Grant GR/S01771/01
  2. A Generic Approach to Proof Planning
    EPSRC Grant GR/N37414/01
  3. The Application of Deductive Synthesis Techniques to the Rapid Assembly and Re-Assembly of Grid Applications.
    EPSRC Grant GR/S25388/01
  4. Inferring Quality of Service Properties for Grid Applications.
    EPSRC Grant GR/S62949
  5. The Use of Data-Mining for the Automatic Formation of Tactics.
    EPSRC Grant GR/S76328/01
  6. Automated Analysis of Security Critical Systems
    EPSRC Grant GR/S98139/01

Recently completed projects

  1. The Computational Modelling of Mathematical Reasoning
    EPSRC Grant GR/M45030.
    Interim report, 1998.
  2. EPSRC Grant Gr/L11724
  3. Automatic Conjecture Making in Mathematics (joint with York)
    EPSRC Grant GR/M98012
  4. Mechanising First-Order Temporal Logics (joint with Liverpool)
    EPSRC Grant GR/M46624.
  5. Systems for Integrated Computation and Deduction - CALCULEMUS
    Research Training Network: HPRN-CT-2000-00102
    with Saarlandes University, Karlsruhe University, RISC, TUE, IRST, Bialystok University, Genoa University, Birmingham University
  6. EPSRC Grant Gr/L11724 Interim report, 1998.
  7. Automatic Guidance of Mechanically Generated Proofs (joint with Cambridge)
    EPSRC Grant GR/L14381.
  8. Unifying Proof Plans and Schemas for Program Synthesis and Transformation (joint with University of Manchester )
    EPSRC Grant GR/M32443