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Inferring Quality of Service Properties for Grid Applications


The project will evaluate the applicability of compositional calculi for estimating quality of service (QoS) properties arising in the development of an e-Science infrastructure such as the Grid. The properties we are investigating include provenance, accuracy, reliability and run time. The goals of the project are to define and represent QoS properties, to formulate QoS calculi, to embed the calculi in some framework to form an application system, and to do evaluation on the application system.

Grant Information

EPSRC grant GR/S62949 (R37343) (funded by CS for e-Science Programme). Duration: 1 Oct 2003 - 30 Sept 2006. PhD Project Student: Lin Yang. Grant Holders: Alan Bundy and Stuart Anderson. Co-supervisors: Dave Berry, Sophie Huczynska and Conrad Hughes.

Current Directions

We are developing a Bell-Curve Calculus to describe some quantifiable QoS properties, including run time, accuracy and reliability (mean time to fail). After completing the calculus, we will apply it to some real grid environment and do evaluation and adjustment on it.


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