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Anastasia - A Structural Editor for Functional Programming Languages


Anastasia is a structural editor designed for functional programming languages. Once a language script for a specific functional programming language has been defined, a novice can use Anastasia to create programs in that language with ease. The user has a minimal amount of typing to do as they follow the structure of the language's grammar to create new programs. Anastasia ensures that their program is syntactically correct as well as performing type checking in the background to ensure there aren't any type mis-match errors.
This website provides documentation for using Anastasia with simple step-by-step instructions that a novice can follow.
The most recent version of Anastasia is available for download by following the appropriate link below.
It is hoped that all reports involving the development of Anastasia will be placed on the website soon.


Anastasia Documentation
Download Anastasia
Project Description


The following people are assosciated with the Anastasia project:

Alan Bundy []Supervisor 
Paul Martin []Second Supervisor 
Ianthe Hind []Honours Student (2005-06) 
Sebin Kim []Honours Student (2007-08) 

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