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Friends of the MRG

This is a list of collaborators, past members of the MRG, recent visitors to the MRG, etc.

Alessandro Armando
Bob Atkey
David Basin
James Brotherston
Richard Boulton
Michael Chan
Stephen Cresswell
Claudio Castellini
Manuel Contreras Maya
Ewen Denney
Lucas Dixon
Ian Gent
Jeremy Gow
Ian Green
Geoff Hamilton
Andrew Priddle-Higson
Sophie Huczynska
Conrad Hughes
Mateja Jamnik
Moa Johansson
Predrag Janicic
Weiru Liu
Seán Matthews
Ewen Maclean
Raul Monroy
Santiago Negrete
Julian Richardson
Tom Ridge
Graham Steel
Toby Walsh
Jonathan Whittle
Sean Wilson
Bin Yang
Jürgen Zimmer
Claus Zinn

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