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The 2nd UK Ontology Network Workshop, April 11th 2013

The second UK Ontology Network workshop will take place at the University of Edinburgh:

Informatics Forum, Room G07
10 Crichton Street
EH8 9AB, Edinburgh

Information on getting to Edinburgh can be found here

The theme of this meeting is to understand how ontology development and application are being used to address problems in the UK. Amongst other areas of interest, there will be a particular focus on creating and using open data. The program and audience is intentionally very diverse; the aim is to cover areas from many disciplines. We are particularly interested in bringing together those creating and developing the technology with those using the technology in industry, government and public organisations.

The day is split into three sessions; a morning of 5 minute 'headline talks' from a wide range of areas followed by a short time for discussion after each talk, early afternoon 10 minute software and technology demos, late afternoon 'birds of a feather' networking.

Time Name Affiliation Slides
9:00-9:30 Coffee and morning pastries
9:30-9:40 Welcome
9:40-11:00 Session 1: short talks
John Callahan ONR Global
Predicting Convergent Ontologies for Real-time, Adaptive Information Integration
Alan Bundy University of Edinburgh Slides
The interaction of representation and reasoning
Phil Barker Heriot-Watt University Slides, an ontology for discovery on the web
Gill Hamilton National Library of Scotland Slides
"Frankly my dear": National Library of Scotland's approach to open and linked data
Enrico Motta Open University Slides
Empirical Knowledge Representation
Chris Mellish University of Aberdeen Slides
WhatIf: Ontology authoring through natural dialogue?
Peter Winstanley Scottish Government Slides
Government Update
Peter Murray-Rust Open Knowledge Foundation Slides
Ontologies in physical science
Jeff Pan University of Aberdeen Slides
Tractable Ontological Stream Reasoning
11:00-11:40 Coffee
11:40-13:00 Session 2: short talks
Edoardo Pignotti University of Aberdeen Slides
An Ontological Framework to Support Provenance in a Virtual Research Environment
Tom Grahame BBC Slides
Integrating scores and results with the Sport ontology
Ewan Klein University of Edinburgh Slides
Wrangling 19th C. customs records into SKOS: a foray in digital history.
Janice Watson NHS Scotland Slides
Harnessing clinical coding in NHS Scotland
Robert Barr Open Data User Group; University of Liverpool Slides
Is an address still an address if you don't know what you're addressing and why? Towards ontologies for addressable geographical objects
Fiona McNeill University of Edinburgh Slides
Run-time extraction of data from large data sources
Richard Gunn EPSRC Slides
Towards an Intelligent Information Infrastructure (TI3)
Elena Simperl University of Southampton Slides
Crowdsourcing ontology engineering
Claudia Pagliari University of Edinburgh Slides
The importance of ontologies for medical research and practice
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Demo Session - details to follow
Yuan Ren University of Aberdeen
Reasoning Support in Ontology Authoring
Peter Murray-Rust Open Knoweldge Foundation
AMI2 - an OPEN ontological assistant for reading STM literature
Enrico Motta Open University
Making Sense of Research with Rexplore
Panos Alexopoulos iSOCO
Scenario-Driven Semantic Entity Disambiguation using Ontological Evidence
15:00-15:30 Coffee
15:30-16:30 Birds of a feather networking
16:30 Wine reception

You can find the list of attendees here .

On the evening of the 10th we will be having an OntoHappening in the pub.

There will be no formal dinner for the meeting because we thought people going out in smaller, spontaneous groups would be more conducive to exciting discussions. You can use our pub and restuarant guide to find somewhere you'd like to go.

Registration is now closed. If you have not registered but would like to attend please contact Andriana Gkaniatsou (

The fee is £ 20 per person and includes refreshments and meals during the workshop.

The Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications (CISA) is offering some sponsorship for student travel. There will be two awards of up to £ 200 each. If you are intested, please send a short paragraph about your research interests and why you think you would benefit from attending, together with a few words of support from your supervisor to Notes of interest should be submitted by March 27th; decisions will be made shortly after.

Edinburgh is well connected by train and plane. The Informatics Forum is in the centre of the city: how to find us

There are good hotels in all price ranges close to the Forum. Workshop participants will have discount to the following:

Ten Hill Place: £ 89 per night. For reservations please call 0131 662 2080 or email and quote the booking code UOE100413 (discount ends 28 February).

University Of Edinburgh Accommodtion : Please visit the online booking service and enter the promotion code: ONM2.

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