Accepted Papers

The following papers and extended abstracts have been accepted for presentation at ADG 2012:

  • Susanne Apel. Cayley Factorization and the Area Principle.
  • Ciprian Borcea and Ileana Streinu. Realizations of volume frameworks.
  • Francisco Botana, Antonio Montes, and Tomas Recio. An Algorithm for Automatic Discovery of Algebraic Loci.
  • John Bowers and Ileana Streinu. Rigid origami designs with Lang’s Universal Molecule algorithm.
  • Gabriel Braun and Julien Narboux. From Tarski to Hilbert.
  • Xiaoyu Chen. Interfacing Euclidean Geometry Discourse with Diverse Geometry Software.
  • Fadoua Ghourabi, Asem Kasem, and Cezary Kaliszyk. Algebraic Analysis of Huzita’s Origami Operations and their Extensions.
  • Shuichi Moritsugu. Extending the Descartes Circle Theorem for Steiner n-cycles.
  • Mathis Pascal and Pascal Schreck. Equation systems with free-coordinates determinants.
  • Danijela Petrović and Filip Maric. Formalizing Analytic Geometries.
  • Phil Scott and Jacques Fleuriot. Towards a Synthetic Proof of the Polygonal Jordan Curve Theorem.
  • Umair Siddique, Vincent Aravantinos, and Sofiene Tahar. Higher-Order Logic Formalization of Geometrical Optics.
  • Yao Sun, Dingkang Wang, and Jie Zhou. A New Method of Automatic Geometric Theorem Proving and Discovery by Comprehensive Gröbner Systems.
  • Jing Yang, Dongming Wang, and Hoon Hong. Improving Angular Speed Uniformity by C^1 Piecewise Reparameterization.
  • Yu Zou, Jingzhong Zhang, and Yongsheng Rao. A New Vector Algorithm for Automated Affine Geometry Theorem Proving.