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Documentation for IsaPlanner Developers

ML Text Editors

For developing IsaPlanner you need to write ML code. My suggestion is to use jEdit or emacs (not xemacs - the ml mode doesn't work properly for it!). On a Mac use I suggest eithercarbon emacs, or the recent version of AquaEmacs (which is variant of emacs 23.X). Also I use the development snapshot of ProofGeneral - I find it works a lot better for ML-coding and mac-interaction. I don't like the emacs/proof-general bundled with Isabelle2009-1 and Isabelle2009-2.

Common Error Messages

Debugging Tips: How to Hunt Code Monsters

For Writing Code in IsaPlanner

Maps to the Dungeon

High Level Descriptions and Guides

Foundational Library in IsaPlanner

Foundational Libraries


Poly ML

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