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Workshop on Matching and Meaning 2009

Automated development, evolution and interpretation of ontologies.

April 9th 2009, Edinburgh, UK

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Accepted Submissions

Full Presentations

The Role of Taxonomy Properties in Information Content Metrics Raul Ernesto Menndez-Mora and Ryutaro Ichise.
Integrating Technical Terms into Thesaurus using Extracted Related Words Yoshimi Suzuki and Fumiyo Fukumoto.
An Approach for Bipolar Ontology Alignment Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems* Paulo Maio and Nuno Silva
Adaptive user interface assistance in smart environments Maximilian Kern, Frank Trollmann, Marco Blumendorf and Sahin Albayrak.
Exploring Ontology Merging with Examples Liwei Deng.
Representation and Reasoning for Ontology Evolution* Michael Chan, Alan Bundy and Jos Lehmann
Studying Concept Shift in Political Ontologies Shenghui Wang, Stefan Schlobach, Janet Takens and Wouter van Atteveldt.
Recommendations for Better Quality Ontology Matching Evaluations Aliaksandr Autayeu, Vincenzo Maltese and Pierre Andrews.
Automatizing the Evaluation of Model Matching Systems Kelly Garces, Wolfgang Kling and Frederic Jouault.

Short Presentations

Evaluation of Error Taxonomy for OWL2 Naseer Ahmed Sajid and Muhammad Abdul Qadir.
A Framework for Mapping Refinement Specification Faycal Hamdi, Chantal Reynaud and Brigitte Safar.
An evidence based approach to collaborative ontology development Emma Tonkin, Heather D. Pfeiffer and Andrew Hewson.

* Excluded from the proceedings.

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