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Workshop on Matching and Meaning 2009

Automated development, evolution and interpretation of ontologies.

April 9th 2009, Edinburgh, UK

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Accepted Papers

Full Presentations

Example-assignment to WordNet Thesaurus based on Distributional Similarity of Words Fumiyo Fukumoto and Nik Adilah Hanin Binti Zahriy
Converting Classifications into OWL Ontologies Fausto Giunchiglia, Ilya Zaihrayeu, and Feroz Farazi
Computing minimal and redundant mappings between lightweight ontologies Vincenzo Maltese, Aliaksandr Autayeu
Towards instance coreference resolution in a multi-ontology environment Andriy Nikolov, Victoria Uren, Enrico Motta, Anne de Roeck
Relating Small Ontologies Alan Smaill, Markus Guhe and Alison Pease
From baby stuff to the world of adult science: Developmental AI from a Kantian viewpoint Aaron Sloman
An Evaluation of Ontology Mapping Representations Hendrik Thomas, Declan O?Sullivan and Rob Brennan
Ontology matching evaluation using GIS web services Lorenzino Vaccari, Juan Pane


Multilingual Ontology Mapping: Challenges and a Proposed Framework Bo Fu
Spatial Groundings for meaningful Symbols Stefan Dietze, Vlad Tanasescu
Ontology Correspondence via Theory Interpretation Oliver Kutz, Immanuel Normann, and Joana Hois
Domain based Ontology Evolution through Agent Collaboration Heather S. Packer, Nicholas Gibbins and Nicholas R. Jennings
Ontology Evolution in Legal Reasoning: A study of ontology interpretation Andrew Priddle-Higson
Detecting unknown word senses using concept dictionary Yoshimi Suzuki and Fumiyo Fukumoto
Dealing with Uncertainty Issues in Complex Ontology Matching Ying Wang, Weiru Liu, and David Bell
Ontology Evolution: A Practical Approach Fouad Zablith
Automatic Access Control Rule Generation via Semantic Matching Rui Zhang


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