The 2010 Workshop on Automated Mathematical Theory Exploration

14-15 July 2010, Edinburgh, UK
a FLoC 2010 affiliated workshop of IJCAR and ITP.

Important Dates:

Notification of accepted presentation: 2 June 2010
Early registration: 30 June 2010
Workshop: 14-15 July 2010

About the Automatheo workshop:

Automated mathematical theory exploration is an exciting emerging
research topic for mathematicians, developers of formalised
mathematics, and those working on verified software. It concerns the
theory and practice of software systems for developing new
mathematical theories, including the invention of definitions,
theorems, conjectures, problems, examples and algorithms.

The workshop aims to highlight the research area and foster
collaboration amongst those working in software verification,
formalised mathematics, and mathematical research, as well as help
provide a shared understanding of the theory and tools for automated
discovery of mathematical theories.

To facilitate dissemination of knowledge as well as interaction
between researchers, the programme will start with talks and be
followed by demos, tutorials, and discussion sessions. Participants
will experiment with and use the various systems, pose challenge
problems, and develop a clear understanding of the available
technologies, concepts, and challenges.

Invited Speakers: John Harrison and Dana S. Scott


Registration is separate from the FLoC procedure. Please register for
Automatheo online:

Early registration is until June 30, 2010, and costs 75 (35 for students).
Later registration costs: 95 (55 for students).

Due to the size of the venue, the workshop will to be limitted to 35

Programme Commitee:

Jacques Calmet
Jacques Carette
Adrian Craciun
Lucas Dixon (co-chair)
Bogdan Grechuk
Moa Johansson
Temur Kutsia
Roy McCasland (co-chair)
Alison Pease
Florina Piroi
Alan Smaill (co-chair)
David Stanovsky
Christian Urban 
Wolfgang Windsteiger

Previous Workshops:

Automatheo 2009, at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria.