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CIAO Workshops


The CIAO workshop provides a forum for discussion of research into automating mathematical reasoning, especially in the areas of proof planning, verification, theory exploration, and ontology evolution. The workshops are informal, have a fun and friendly atmosphere, and have no proceedings. They are intended to help us keep up to date with developments, and present and discuss work in progress.

Email List

There is a JISC email list for CIAO to which announcements of the next workshop are sent. You should briefly explain your background and interest in CIAO when you request membership to the list. The list is only for CIAO-workshop related information. To post to the list, for which you need to be subscribed from the email you are sending from, send an email to: CIAO@JISCMAIL.AC.UK

Next Workshop

The next workshop is planned to be in April 2013, organised by Iain Whiteside, Ewen Maclean and Gudmund Grov.

See also last year's CIAO 2012 workshop hosted by Chalmers University, Sweden.

Previous Workshops


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