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Using Xemacs

You are recommended to use Xemacs (rather than GNU Emacs), because of better Informatics support, and various packages installed locally to the MRG. The xemacs latex environment is particularly useful, including eg menus for maths symbols.

Xemacs modes

If you set up your dot files as described here, certain modes will auto-load in xemacs when you open certain kinds of files. For example, if you load a .tex file, xemacs will go into LaTeX mode, and also load ref-tex, a mode for helping keep track of citations and references. To find out how to use the cool features of these modes, type M-x describe-mode and have a little look. You can also try having a look at the menu bar on the top of the screen - many modes add useful menus here.


In the xemacs LaTeX mode, there is also a reftex menu that does helpful things in keeping track of cross references:

From the on-line help:

RefTeX is a minor mode with distinct support for \ref, \label, \cite, and \index commands in (multi-file) LaTeX documents.
- A table of contents provides easy access to any part of a document.
- Labels are created semi-automatically.
- Definition context of labels is provided when creating a reference.
- Citations are simplified with efficient database lookup.
- Text phrases can be collected in a file, for later global indexing.
- The index preview buffer helps to check and edit index entries.

Use M-x decribe mode to find out more

Reading mail with Xemacs/VM

You can use xemacs together with the built-in mailer VM to read and deal with your email. It's not supported officially by Informatics, but several people in the group (and at least one computing officer) do use it. There are instructions for doing this if you get Inf mail (i.e. you're staff) here. If you are a student and use SMS, the lines you need instead in your .vm are:

(setq vm-spool-files
(list (concat ""

Xemacs FAQ

Very useful for general Xemacs queries is the Xemacs FAQ.

Name: Graham Steel

Date: Friday, February 7, 2003 at 17:54:39

To set up scrolling using the mousewheel in emacs add the following to your .xemacs/init.el:

(define-key global-map [button5] 'scroll-up)
(define-key global-map [button4] 'scroll-down)

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