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Using The DReaM Computing Environment

Choose a section:
  • Getting Started
  • How and where to log in, changing your password, printing, remote logins, and how to get more help.
  • Command Line Stuff
  • How to alter your .benv and .brc get a nice shell environment for typing commands, and get access to some local commands you might need to use for viewing notes, editing the bibliography etc.
  • Blue Notes, Bibliographies, etc.
  • What a Blue Book note is, what a Trip Report is, how to submit a Blue Book Note or a Trip Report, and how to update the group-wide bibliography.
  • DReaM LaTeX
  • How to use the LaTeX typesetting package for rippling annotation and writing Blue Book notes etc.
  • Using Xemacs
  • MRG-specific tips for using the preferred text editor.
  • Software development
  • How to use CVS to get hold of the source code for group projects, how to use locally installed compilers like Teyjus.
  • CVS for your project
  • How to use make a CVS repository in the shared dream filespace for your project.
  • Locally Installed Packages
  • How to run group-specific programs like SteP and Isabelle, and where to find documentation.
  • Rolling your own
  • How to submit your own programs to the shared group filespace, and what to do with a useful tip you'd like to see on this webpage.

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